Explore The History of Slot Machines


When we think of the casino nowadays, slot machines come to mind. Slot games machines are the defining feature of casinos. But who invented them and what is the history of slot machines? There is a huge history of slot machines. In this article, let us look back at the invention and usage of slot machines.

The 1800s and the Slot Machines

The history of gambling machines may be traced back to the 1800s. Sittman and Pitt, a New York-based business, created the very first gambling game in 1891.

There were five drums in the play, with a maximum of 50 decks of cards. The game may be located in a variety of taverns and played for a nickel. To play, participants would put all their money in the slot and flip the switch. For queuing up poker cards on the wheels, rewards were given. Two cards were taken from the computer to boost the winning hand: the ten of cards and the jack of heart. The chances of scoring a winning hand were cut in half as a result of this. Because there was no direct payment mechanism on the game, winnings were handed out at the table. Prizes were mostly non-monetary in their nature.

First Modern-Day Slot Machine

The first slot device was invented by Charles Augustus Fey. He is frequently credited as the creator. There really is no precise date for the creation of his first machine, but it is thought to have occurred between 1887 and 1895. Fey devised a system that would make rewards automatically. To accomplish so, he simplified the process of interpreting a victory for the system.

The Frist Fruit and Candy Machines in 1902

Regardless of the fact that casino games were outlawed in 1902, the Liberty Bell remained to be manufactured. The age of the slot machine began when monetary awards could no longer be awarded. Fruit symbols were utilized in these devices, and rewards were given away in bubble gum and candies of the same variety.

The First Modern-Day Electrochemical Slot Machine

Slot machines stayed entirely manual for several more generations. In 1964, the pattern shifted. Bally introduced Money Honey, the first completely electromechanical slot machine, in 1964. Despite the fact that the reels were fully powered by electricity, the game was still begun by pushing the lever.

The First Modern-Day Video Slot Games

WMS Industries Inc. released “Reel ‘Em” in 1996, marking the next major moment in the development of gambling. It was the first slot game to have a reward round on the secondary display. When the additional round was activated, a new display appeared, with the additional game taking place on it. During this additional round, you may win even more money. Slot machines became increasingly common in casinos in this era. In reality, they accounted for roughly 70% of a bar’s revenue while also using 70% of the total floor area.


This is how slot games machines were invented and developed slowly. The machine was a great hit, and mechanized slots grew in popularity as a result. The classic lever was swiftly removed from the new slots. The modern-day video game slot machines became a new machines.